I admit, it’s frustrating to post a page-turner portion of the story, meant to be read quickly one week at a time, but I appreciate those of you who read weekly.

I have a few Bearicatures in that top panel. I am SO close to being done with them, I may actually be able to open them back up for sale. But wow what an undertaking they were. I will never sell so many, so cheap ever again haha. I have been repaying that few thousand I made three years ago for a while now. I really appreciate everyone’s patience who ordered them. In this panel we have Peter Sturdee, Alan Brookland and the lady with the shotgun is Amber Egbert.

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I will be at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend. Check out THIS BLOG for all the exclusives I’ll have on hand. I will be there Friday afternoon through Saturday. I will not be there Thursday or Sunday. I’m at booth C14:


My two favorite exclusives are this Seattle version of this print:

And this Axe Cop/Bearmageddon Coloring Fun kit:

For all the exclusives I’ll have, read the blog.┬áPatreon members in the $10+ range can get con exclusives at a discount mailed to them. The rest of you gotta buy a plane ticket!



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