Bearmageddon is your source for bear news, facts and survival tips in the oncoming end of days. Follow on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with bear news.

It is also a an online graphic novel about a few twenty-something slackers getting caught up in an all-out war on mankind by grizzly bears with only a mountain man to help them. Written and illustrated by Ethan Nicolle (Axe Cop) and colored by Kailey Frizzell.

Bearmageddon is an online graphic novel trilogy, meaning it has an end in mind and will not go on indefinitely. Volume 1 is now available, but the first half is available free on this site. Patreon Supporters can pledge any amount and get the entire first volume in digital format for free . START READING FROM THE BEGINNING

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Writer/Penciler/Inker/Creator: Ethan Nicolle
Head Colorist: Kailey Frizzell & Noah Maas
Color Flatters: Johnathan Mastron & Matthew Sargent
Web Tech: Mike Weber
Main Banner Colorists: Jordan Kotzebue & Ethan Nicolle


Q: How often does Bearmageddon post?

A: Twice a week, every Wednesday and Friday morning around 9:00am pacific time.


Q: Is there Bearmageddon merchandise for sale?

A: Yes! There is now a poster for sale. A T-shirt is in the works.


Q: Is Bearmageddon an ongoing series or a self-contained story?

A: Bearmageddon is a self-contained story with an ending in sight. The comic will post until the story wraps up.


Q: Will Bearmageddon be published as a book?

A: Yes, after the story has posted online it will be printed as a complete book.


Q: Is Bearmageddon appropriate for kids?

A: I am trying to keep the language within a PG-13 rating, though some of the violence will be a bit more gory… I mean, it is bears attacking people and all. I do not recommend it for kids, but parents can use their own judgment.


Q: What do you use to draw Bearmageddon?

A: Bearmageddon is illustrated in Manga Studio EX, it is colored in Adobe Photoshop.


Q: Is Malachai involved in Bearmageddon?

A: No, Bearmageddon is fully written and drawn by Ethan and colored by Noah Maas.