After working so hard on Volume 1 and going back through the whole thing, I realized how badly I wanted to get on with this story and decide I needed to fit the time in each week and start posting again. So, I’m currently working on pages to get a head start. Here are a few updates on everything Bearmageddon:

There is a current printed edition of Bearmageddon available via, but I must admit I was pretty disappointed with the print quality I received from Ingram Spark. I post this as a warning to other comic book arists looking for a Print on Demand service. The “economy” printing option is as low quality a color comic I have ever seen. I am currently working on getting a better version printed. This will probably mean a price bump, but this is the cost of POD. I simply don’t have the bandwidth to store massive boxes of books and mail them out myself. If I did that I would never draw comics. I’m bad enough as it is.

So why not a publisher? Things are changing in comics publishing, probably because of the changes with the access creators have to self publishing and self promotion nowadays. But it’s pretty hard to find a comic publisher who will publish your comic without wanting a huge portion of your rights. Comics are seen as a springboard into TV and film and as such, publishers see themselves as that springboard.┬áThis just isn’t worth the trade to me. The publisher no longer stands between the creator and their audience. There can be advantages with the right publisher for the right project, but I haven’t found that for this project.

So, if you are a fan of Bearmageddon and want to get a printed edition, hold tight if you want the better print quality. I am hoping to have that squared away by the time I launch Volume 2 pages in May. This way I can simultaneously promote the release of Volume 1 and give people a reason to come back to the site and read on.

There are currently two digital options to purchase Bearmageddon.

  • You can buy it directly from me in PDF format (this is the cheapest way to read, and the only option where I actually get all the money)
  • You can also get the PDF for free when you become a patron on Patreon.
  • There is a version formatted for the Amazon Kindle. (if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read for free)
  • A version for Comixology is now available.

If there is a format you are hoping for, let me know what it is. I am curious what other formats might be in demand. If you buy the print edition, send me an email with the receipt and I will send you the PDF for free.

My plan for Volume 2 is a weekly update. I would like to update more often, but for that to happen I would need to make sure Kailey would be able to keep up with colors and that it would be worth the amount of time for both of us. One thing that would help that is Patreon Support. Volume 1 will remain posted up to page 66, where the reader will then come to an offer to purchase the rest of the book. Volume 2 will be posted the same way as Volume 1, page by page until it is complete, then when it is finished I will leave a preview up and make it available for purchase.

Those of you who purchased Bearicatures and have not yet found yourself in the pages of Bearmageddon, your day is coming! I thank you so much for your patience. Volume 2 has a lot more side characters and bystanders in it, as Joel and the gang rediscover civilization. They spent a large portion of Volume 1 alone, so I didn’t have the opportunity to include all Bearicatures that had been purchased. I look forward to finally making good on those in the coming pages. As for if I will take orders for more bearicatures, I am going to hold off on that until I have squared way all previous orders. I took way too many orders last time and learned a lot. I will do things differently next time.

I know there are a lot of you who really like this comic and I am so grateful for your patience and support throughout its sidelined and spotty existence. I know that many of you would like to see the story released at a quicker pace, and would like to see it succeed. If you want to help, here are ways that legitimately help a ton:

  • Patreon Support is huge. If I can reach a significant enough number per page, it would have a big effect on output. Sharing the Patreon page and encouraging your friends to support it is also very helpful.
  • Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other avenues is huge.
  • Writing an Amazon Review is also super helpful.

Thanks to everyone who has been around from the beginning and hopped on board along the way. I’m excited to start updating again. See you in May!