Ever wonder what onomatopoeia to use when a guy gets torn into pieces by an octobear? SPLFTK! That’s it. Done.

I am currently in the exhausting and unpredictable phase of having a newborn where some days he is great and other days he just cries … and cries … and criiiieeees. UUggghh. It’s torture. Luckily it doesn’t last forever. But it’s made it hard to do anything besides focus on keeping my wife sane by helping out all I can around the house and keeping our toddler occupied so she doesn’t make things worse. Parenting is full time right now.

So, I have one more page done, but after that, I’m tapped. Cross your fingers I find the time to crank out some more pages soon because I really don’t want to go on another break. This scene, in particular, is very labor intensive to draw. I have been excited to get here, but now that I’m here I am staring at each panel trying to decide what to draw.