Sorry for the late post. We’ve been running into a DropBox syncing issue lately that is delaying things a bit.

So this week I hung out with David Sandberg of Kung Fury. Such a cool guy. I posted a video of us together on Patreon and will talk more about that meeting on Friday on my Patreon Pipe n’ Type. ¬†Thanks to the new members and the old!

I’m also selling commissions until May 12th, which is my anniversary. I’m hoping to take in a little extra money to buy my wife a gift that’s outside our tight budget. You can order digital or sumi ink. Use the coupon code WIFELOVE to take 10% off.

I also wanted to mention that, in our effort to get Bearmageddon in front of more eyeballs, we are reformatting it to the Webtoon/Tapastic style for reading easily on mobile devices. It’s a really fun way to read and it looks great. Even if you have read Bearmageddon, you are helping me a TON if you get on one or both of these sites and like, subscribe, heck, even leave some comments!



We are also on Top Webcomics. We have been there a while, but I have never pushed it. I would love to give it a try. Please click this link and vote Bearmageddon up the list!

My latest bear safety tip went viral today. Read more bear news and safety tips at Bearmageddon News.

Thanks for reading. See you next week, unless you happen to catch me on Facebook doing some live drawing!

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