I haven’t talked much about this, but the bulging disc in my neck is really making it hard to draw. I get to the end of a day of drawing and I am in so much pain I have to rest for most of the day. The pain is travelling all down my arm and is also really bad in my elbow. This is from my 37 years of drawing with my head sticking out too much. Even though I am trying to correct my posture, my neck just suffers if it’s not regularly resting on a pillow or something.

So I may need to take a break to let my neck heal. I have an appointment coming up in a month (it’s gonna be a loooong month) to get an epidural shot that will hopefully help. I’m also doing physical therapy.

If this happens, I’ll be working on writing. One of my main sources of income right now is another comic I am drawing, so I am a little worried. Luckily my Kickstarter money is on its way, but I can’t safely spend much of that.

That’s my update. I may take some time off. If I do, I’ll let you know. Thanks for reading!


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