I’m home!  Man what a month.  Now that I am home, the month of moving out has begun.  This is my last month at my apartment and I need to move stuff out, into my fiance’s home and into storage as we transition into living together after the wedding in May.  Yes we are that old fashioned that we don’t live together until marriage.  It will be nice.  Living 45 miles apart and trying to keep up with everything has been crazy.


I’m excited that Joel is home.  We are back in town, out of the woods and Joel is revisiting the life he left behind.  He isn’t abandoning it now… he is trying to rescue it.  These are the parts of the story I’ve been really excited to get to.  Someone recently asked if this is the midpoint.  No, not yet.  I estimate this story will be in the 250-300 page range with the way things have been going (I used to say 200-250 so you can see how things have evolved).


Also, it’s so great to have color back.  Thanks for reading!



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