Wow.  Thanks for all the responses last week about the black and white art.  The overwhelming response was to keep posting black and white.  A number of people felt I should wait to hear from Noah, and I did.  He said he is going to catch up, but he is crazy busy right now and that I should keep posting the black and whites.  So I will.  But there are some upcoming scenes I really want to post in color, so I am trying to see if we will be able to get those scenes colored.  These pages will be in color on that wonderful day that Bearmageddon becomes a book.  Noah works in video games and I know those projects can be pretty intensive, as can coloring Bearmageddon pages, so I appreciate it.


Someone started this Facebook page as a campaign to “Save Keller” from being killed in Bearmageddon.  Hilarious.  This is one of many reasons I really like posting comics online before putting them in book form.  I don’t think this would have happened if this comic came out as a book.  This is how we entertain ourselves at the slow pace of one page per week.


Thanks to everyone who has ordered something from my wedding campaign.  It’s going well, I’m just about halfway to paying for the actual wedding.


So do you guys think this log plan would work?  Barring the arrival of any aquatic bears, I think Dickinson is pretty smart.