Well, here is the page that was supposed to be up on Wednesday.  I decided to just post it in black and white.  As soon as I get the colored version I will post it in this one’s place.

If anyone remembers the small controversy about Andrea being too girly, hopefully I get a little credit on this page.  This scene was written and part of this story long ago and while I was being accused of making Andrea a whimp I knew in the back of my head she would be the first to jump off the bridge.  See?  Girls can be tough.  Girls are often tough, especially when the guys are being wimps.

The below video is one I put together yesterday to promote and inform people about my AxeCopWedding.com project.  This is for any fans of my art, please check it out!

Have a grand old weekend, see you next week… hopefully in color!



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