Friends, another page is here. I’m glad to be revisiting Gogs’ obsession with punching. Just to remind us what is important to him in life.

I have re-opened commissions for ONE MORE WEEK! The sale is extended to December 18th. I can’t guarantee these will make it to you in time for Christmas, but if you must have them in time, let me know and we’ll work something out. Just click the banner to the right on this page to order.

Also, if you live in Seattle, Noah and I will be at Arcane Comics on December 19th.  We will be selling a limited run of prints of this Beardactyl, drawn be my and colored by Noah.



One of you who ordered an Artist’s Choice sketch owns the original of this piece.  See how ordering Artist’s Choice can pay off?

Well, I’m happy to be the guy who makes this comic.  I love posting it every week.  Thanks for coming by to read it and sharing it with friends.



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