Everybody say welcome back Noah!  It’s good to have him back, and now I hope you see why I really wanted to release this page in color.  That is some beautiful bear punching.


Well, it’s that time of year!  Christmas is coming and I like to sell commissions to make people happy and to make some money.  For me, the money is for presents and it is also for life.  I’m kind of in between projects right now and income has slowed down.  The big thing for me right now?  I just got engaged to an amazing lady.  I haven’t mentioned her here before but we’ve been together about a year now and I knew pretty much from the first date I’d found my wife.  She has a couple kids too, and I adore them and look forward to being their step dad.  Not sure when the wedding will be yet, but I digress… please, buy commissions!

My life is also crazy because of this other comic called Axe Cop that I draw.  ADHD, the FOX imprint that will be featuring Axe Cop as an animated series next summer, surprised us all by posting this short Ask Axe Cop animated video yesterday and the whole internet (well, a lot of people anyway) went pretty crazy.  If you haven’t seen it, look here, and tell me if you recognize that voice.  I won’t tell you if you got it right, because technically I’m not supposed to say who it is.  It’s just Axe Cop.  He’s real.


With the Axe Cop cartoon coming out this summer, I have no idea if I will even be selling commissions next year.  It’s definitely a good time to get them before things in my life get too insane.

Well, it’s good to be back, and hopefully on track for a while.  This comic is a labor of love, each page is so much work but so fun to finish.  I’m excited at the idea of completing and holding a big beautiful Bearmagddon book in my hands.  I’m so happy Noah is back, and so thankful to him, Johnathan, Matthew and Mike who all help me keep Bearmageddon moving each week.




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