Woo!!  This page was a BEAST.  Hats off to the color warriors who took this on after I spent two days drawing it.  This thing is chock-full of bearictures.

If you are wondering if you are one of the bearicatures on these pages,  will email those who have appeared so far soon and send them a larger image of themselves.  If you are just dying to know, email me and I will try to get back and let you know if your suspicions are correct.

I just posted a new art piece on eBay.  Another take on the octobear.  This thing will be live for bidding for 5 days, then the highest bidder gets it.  Thanks in advance to all who bid.

I also posted this Axe Cop piece yesterday.

I have been kicking around a lot of thoughts lately.  As a lot of you know, during the hiatus, Axe Cop got a TV series on FOX.  Also, I two other optioned TV shows at Cartoon Network that have just begun to demand some of my time.  On top of that I am trying to keep Bearmageddon alive, post a weekly Axe Cop page AND finish this print-exclusive Axe Cop miniseries.  The only thing out of all of those things that is really making me money right here and now is the miniseries, the rest I do with high hopes.  So, as things get more insane I am trying to figure out how to manage it all. I am probably going to have to go to one page a week on Bearmageddon.  Maybe for the rest of the story, maybe just for a while.  I will get it done, but I just need to be able to get other stuff done, and I want to put all the love I can into every page as I have so far.  Once I get the Axe Cop miniseries done I may have breathing room to do more Bearmageddon.  I may even try a kickstarter campaign of some sort.  I have a lot of thoughts kicking around.  I’ll decide by next week what I will do.  In any case, thanks for sticking with me and keeping up with my comic.  I love it and it’s exciting every time I post a new page.  As a thanks, here is a desktop wallpaper of the mall carnage on today’s page:

Can you find Waldo?

See you here Friday as the bear drama continues!