And here we go, we are officially on hiatus!  Thanks for all the gracious responses and support as the comic takes a small break.  It will be back before you know it.

I am guessing some of you expected to see a city on the other side of the hill, but please note Dickinson said it lies “a distance beyond” the hill meaning that the bears are headed toward the city, but the city is too far for our characters to see from the top of the hill.  Remember, their journey was supposed to have been at least a few hours into the woods, so they have some traveling to do to get back.

I’m also anticipating some of you saying “thousands?  that’s more like hundreds” but there is a constant stream moving toward the city, so it could easily be thousands.  Don’t doubt Joel.  See how I have to defend my comic when I post it online?

I wish I had some cool parting gift or extra thing to post here, or even a more clever blog to write.  The fact is I still have work to do right now and I’m pretty pooped.  I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend, so please come see me!  I will be on two panels and will be selling goods at the Topatoco booth.  lead colorist Noah Maas will also be there in Artist’s Alley and so will Jordan Kotzebue who colored the header!

Alright, if you want to send me art, guest comics, anything to post during the hiatus I would love to do that.  Thanks to those who already have.  I’ll try to keep things alive during the break so it is not totally dead around here.  Thanks for the break! And thanks to Noah, Jonathan, Mike and Matt who all help make this comic happen!



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