Happy Wednesday!

I’m sick and enjoying the comforts of gurgling chest mucus, hoarse coughing and groggy, crusty eyeballs.  But your page, it is still here, because we are dedicated to excellence here at Bearmageddon.com

I recently did a 20 Questions interview over at 20 Questions Tuesday.  This is one long and in depth interview that goes all over the map.  Congratulations if you read the entire thing.

Also, on Tuesday, March 27th I will be doing a free webinar at SmithMicro, the company that made Manga Studio, which is the program I use to draw my comics.  Sign up and join in the interactive online webinar.

Lastly, I will be at Wonder Con this weekend.  Hopefully I feel better by then.  I’ll be at table AA-123.  Come by and make me draw you something.  Pay me and I’ll draw it even better.

Alright, I am going to crawl back into my bed and read your comments and criticisms of this page as they begin to roll in.  I guess you will also be speculating whether all the main characters in the story just exploded.  I guess we won’t know until Friday.