Here is a nice all-bear page.  Nice and tense.  Hopefully you feel the Jurassic Parky-ness of it all.  I studied Jurassic Park and Spielberg’s War of the Worlds for my monster action scenes.  I am not afraid to admit that.  Hard to accomplish the same kind of pacing in a comic without making it last pages and pages, but I didn’t want to make you guys suffer that long.

My Axe Cop pieces are still up for grabs in the Auctions.  They close this evening at 6pm pacific time.

My hand is about to fall off from drawing one of the most insane pages so far in this book.  I only made it through the first third of it and I worked on it all day today.  The Bearmo Color Team is going to hate me for this one.

Thanks for reading, and for sharing Bearmageddon with your friends!  I have been seeing a lot of sharing online lately.  Oh yes, I do notice.



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