This is one of my favorite pages. I love how fast things go back to bear hell.  This page is also the page that gave me the idea to do Bearicatures, which are now sold out.  Everyone on this page, besides Keller, is a friend of mine.  The guy with the blond hair is based on my friend Eric Banscum.  In the original version of Bearmageddon I based the main character on him.  I changed the story so much I felt the main character needed a different design, and that’s where we got Joel.  I promised I’d put Eric in for a small role to make up for it though, so here he is.  Eric and his girlfriend recently made this series of short 10 second soap operas called “the Rain in Our Tears”.  You should watch all 5 episodes, it takes less than a minute and they’re hilarious.

The guy who gets attacked first is loosely based on my friend Will, who is the front man for a band called the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers.  They are actually doing a kickstarter campaign right now to raise money to record their new album.  Please support them if you are into this kind of music and would like to see them make that recording.

And lastly, the guy in the back who gets bit in the head is my roommate Philip.  He doesn’t have any cool stuff for me to link but everybody say “Hi Philip” even though he never reads my web comics.

Anyway, the next batch of strangers after this is when the Bearicatures will start showing up, which means I need to get to work drawing them!