I took the opportunity with this page to poke fun at the way girls always say they are tom boys, but they really aren’t.  They also like to say they are nerds, or that geeks are cool, but they would never touch a real geek or nerd with a ten foot pole.  Yes this is a broad generalization and it is totally true.  If you get offended you are not being much of a tom boy.


If I have infuriated any sensitive ladies, well, I did paint this…


…which will instantly make you think I am awesome.  I’m just saying it’s hard to resist a nice walnut ink rendition of a Bear Elk.  This is another one of the pieces I am doing that will find its way to eBay here soon.  I’m pretty proud of this one if you couldn’t tell from how pompous I am being.  Unfortunately the image is blurry because it is a photo, the original is too big to scan!

And yes, Gogs is that awesome and that is why we love him.  I think the desire to practice punching a severed bear head is something most men can identify with, and that is why women in general find men as a species totally horrifying.  This could lead into an entire Seinfeld routine of some sort, but I am out of material.

Bearicatures are basically sold out.  I’ll sell a couple more bystanders then I will have to shut it down because that is going to be a lot of email and photo juggling to work into upcoming pages.  Thanks again to all who bought them up!

Hey I haven’t had any blog-inspiring questions sent to me in a while. If you have any burning questions please feel free to send an email!



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