Yes, now this is a page.  I know I made a big deal about last page, but this here is the page I was really excited about.  There will be a lot of those from this point on.  Last page we had our first living bear.  Today we have our first multiple bear.  Now we just count down to the first bear kill… then from there I guess we count down to the first mutant bear?  We need to have unlockable achievements or something here.

Of course, I must remind you…


The big commission/sketch sale ends on Friday, or it ends when I get 100 orders.  I am basically at 75 right now, so at the rate they have been selling I’ll probably come pretty close by the 25th.  I’ll basically draw just about anything you ask for, barring environments and backgrounds (so mainly characters).  Thanks so much to everyone who has bought these.  I’ll be diving into the pile of work once the deadline hits.  I like to do them all in one big marathon.  International people, please make sure to click “international shipping”.  And if you want your commission signed TO someone, please tell me who!  If you already ordered one and forgot to tell me something, feel free to send me an email and I can update your order.

Alright, I’m excited.  Bearmageddon is Bearmageddon now.  I have been working on some of the upcoming pages today and they are a lot of fun, and a lot of work.

The bad news is that I am going to take Friday off for the Thanksgiving holiday, so there will be no comic that day.  This will give the colorists some catch up time, and me as well, plus a little breathing room.  I know we are only posting two pages a week on this thing, but as we are all working on many other things on top of this comic it catches up with us pretty quick.  I know we couldn’t leave you with a more insane cliffhanger, but maybe it’s appropriate.  Have an awesome Thanksgiving and I’ll see you back here next Wednesday!




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