Can you feel things closing in?  Come on next page!!

Well, as I had mentioned a couple weeks back, my computer has been showing signs of death and it is so slow I could probably draw another web comic in the time it takes to load.  This, and the fact that Christmas is coming and I need to buy my family gifts, is the reason I have decided to do have a sale on commissions for 10 days.  So until November 25th, the sale will run.  I’ll cut it off at 100 orders, so if I get more than 100 by the 25th, then the sale will end early.  Just so you know I am already about 1/3 of the way there.

The prices are just a bit below what I charge at a convention.  The Walnut Ink paintings are a rare medium I love to work in and have never sold before.  They are more expensive, because they take more time, but they are a great gift.  Very rich sepia ink, you have to see it to appreciate it, but here are some scans…

I don’t sell walnut ink paintings at conventions, this is the only time they will be available until next year if I do this again.  I’m also offering the option to let me draw whatever I want at a cheaper rate if you just want to get an original drawing.

Anyway, if you buy one of these I thank you very much.  This will help me out a lot and I’ll be glad to give you something cool and unique.  I did this last year and a lot of them turned out really great, I had a lot of fun.  When I do them all in a group like this I tend to get into a real groove.

Don’t forget to mention if you want it signed to anyone if it is a gift.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about ordering, even if you already ordered.  And a big cheer for Mike Weber, the official web guru of Bearmageddon (perfect last name), he set up that store for me on the fly.

See you Friday!