Happy Friday!  I am not actually home right now and I almost forgot to post this, so it is a little late and I don’t think I have my usual energy for an extensive blog post this evening.  But I did want to make sure to mention, again, THANKS to everyone who has donated. You guys are amazingly generous.  Also, we have had issues with the donation doohickey not actually sending people the email with the wallpaper link.  So, I have actually been going in and manually sending it to anyone who donated.  If you donated and never received that wallpaper I promised you, send me an email letting me know and I will make sure you get it.

Also, Small Press Big Mouth reviewed Bearmageddon on their podcast yesterday and it was really awesome.  Thanks so much for the great review.  All promotion is greatly appreciated!

Other than that, we are in a moment here with Joel and his little brother that is important to me because I was the oldest and I have three younger brothers who I love dearly and Louis embodies them all in a way.  I will write on that more on Wednesday because it’s a topic close to my heart.  I am pretty whiped out because I sat with the sun blaring in myface today and now I look like a grumpy tomato with a beard.  So I’ll see you back here on Wednesday. Thanks for reading, and have an awesome weekend.



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