I’ve been working on the volume 1 book this week, bot h color-flatting and piecing together the extras for the book.  I decided to share this extra content with my Patreon supporters, so if you want to see some cool “making of” stuff, go become a backer.  Any amount will get you access to the posts. There are only a couple right now, but I will keep posting them as I go.

It’s nice to be posting weekly again.  Once book one is finished, the comic will go into a hiatus for a bit.  I will need to focus on some other things for a while but I do hope to get back to work on volume 2 as soon as I am able.  I’m excited to get these characters out into this bear-torn world they have only begun to explore.  And I owe you bearicature buyers some gruesome bear maulings.

As for today’s page, I don’t know if propane tanks would explode under those conditions. I assume they would, but I imagine it would take a while.  Someone will have to try it on YouTube.  But don’t blame me if you die.