I don’t want to get the car buffs all crazy, because I don’t know cars.  I admit it.  This is a comic about manliness, and the author is not car-intelligent.  It is one of my shortcomings as a man, and I totally admit it.  And I don’t want sympathy or “that ain’t a man” comments.  There really is something manly about knowing cars and I would be a better man if I did.

But that is all beside the point.  The car they are getting into is a Chevette.  I don’t know anything about the car except that it was my friend’s first car and we used to drive around in it when I lived in Lakeside, OR.  Rob, if you are reading this, this is my little tribute to those days.  I am not going to put “Chevette” anywhere on the car, and because I got it off Google Sketchup, it may not even be an anatomically correct Chevette, but it is in my heart.

I’d like to thank Kailey for keeping up with coloring weekly.  It’s nice to have a little stint of weekly posts for  awhile.  Also… this is a good week for me.  Tomorrow night (Thursday) at midnight, FXX is airing season 2 of Axe Cop.  Check out this trailer, it’s awesome:

And for those of you with little ones, the other show I am working on as a writer, VeggieTales (which was recently nominated for a day time Emmy!) will be releasing new episodes on Friday (April 17th) on NetFlix.  Here’s a little clip of one of the upcoming songs.

As for Bearmageddon, I finished drawing Book one last week.  I have been going back through the whole thing editing the text.  I’m taking a pass at dialog tightening.  I think there are a lot of pages that didn’t need to be quite so wordy.  Part of it is that, some of this I was writing as I went along.  I can’t wait to hold a book in my hands!  It doesn’t feel real until it’s on a page.