It was pure coincidence that last week’s page posted on April Fool’s Day, and pure coincidence that Gogs had a fake-out death on that page.  Seriously, I had that planned a while back and I just posted the page the day it was ready to post, which happened to be April 1st.  No one seemed to catch that it was a trick… in the alt text I wrote “Gogs RIP”.  That really was the only April Fools joke. This little twist was planned and, sad to say, the real deal.

There used to be a Facebook Page called “Save Keller”.  I just searched for it and couldn’t find it.  It’s sole purpose was to urge me not to kill off Keller. Maybe if the page had persisted she’d still be alive. Who knows.  Sorry Keller.

Last night I drew the last page of book 1.  That is a good feeling, to come to the end of something.  We still need to color the rest of the pages and I need to get the rest of the book’s guts figured out, but we are in a good place.  Thanks to everyone who inquired about color flatting!

Just a few more pages to go and we’ll reach the end of this portion.  Thanks for your patience and generosity as an audience. Sure there is the occasional entitled whiner who stops by, but for the most part you are as good an audience as anyone could ask for.




P.S.  I think somewhere it was mentioned that the water is shut off. But everyone knows that garden hoses with nozzles on them usually have some water pressurized in them left over, so that explains that.  Also, the car is a four seater… Keller probably would not have fit anyway.

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