I’m always excited to post a new page.  Recently I buckled down and penciled the rest of book 1 so I know the exact page count and have a clear finishing line for this first book, so I am very excited to reach that goal.  I have inked a couple more pages, so if we are lucky, at least for the next few weeks, you’ll be getting weekly updates again.

What is the plan after I finish book 1?  Well, I do need to take a hiatus from Bearmageddon and do some other things, but I want to tell the whole story.  Even at the end of book 1, we are only 1/3 of the way into the story I want to tell.  You can see in that banner across the top of this page, I have had a lot of crazy plans from the beginning for this thing and I still want to reach the promise of the premise.  As for the book, once it is out, I will warn you now, that I may not keep the entire thing online for free.  I will probably leave up the first 20-30 pages for free, then people can buy book 1 if they want the rest.  Once I start book 2, I will most likely do it the same way I did book 1, releasing it page by page as a free web comic.  So, be warned, this content may not be up for free forever.   I need to whatever makes the most sense for the book to actually sell.

As for the page today, I feel like what is happening to Gogs here is one of the unfortunate mishaps that would really happen. He has been handling gas like crazy, he is injured, in a hurry… sure the bear is lethal, but that fire is too, and he isn’t safe from either.

On another book-related note, that chunk of pages that never got colored between when I lost Noah and gained Kailey will need to be colored.  These pages are a lot of work for one colorist (we salute you Kailey) and  it helps a lot if we can get some color-flatters on board.  So if you would be interested in color flatting, let me know.  Use the contact page on this site and send a link to your work, what your hoped-for page rate would be and at what pace you think you could flat pages.  I would send your flatted pages on to Kailey to shade and detail so that the pages all match.