I just saw a comment on the last page that I’ve only posted 19 pages this year.  Well, here’s 20!  Pretty pathetic, I know.  The good news for me is that I won’t be commuting like I was at least in the near future, so my 2+ hours spent driving every day just might be able to be commited back to drawing comics.

Though there have been some unhappy customers in the comments recently, overwhelmingly you guys have been amazingly supportive.  I really appreciate it.  I wish I could crank this thing out at a faster rate.

If you have kids or are a fan of Veggie Tales (or just great cartoons in general) check out NetFlix on November 26th to see the show I have been spending so much time working on over the last year.  Around that time my wife will be giving birth to our daughter, so I also have that on the horizon!

Thanks for sticking with me on this thing, and thanks to Kailey for keeping it in color!  There is still so much more Bearmageddon to tell.  I’ll probably finish the last page on my death bed at this point.


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