Alright! Well it is not Wednesday, but it has been two Wednesdays with no page, so I decided late Sunday/early Monday was good.  Why not?  This is all we have done at the moment.  I have been struggling to keep drawing pages with my work load lately.


But I am very thankful for those who have pledged at Patreon to chip in some money whenever I post a page.  I just reached my $150/page milestone.  So now anyone who pledges $1 or more not only get digital copies of my two sketch book collections and my first graphic novel, the Weevil.  You also now will get volume 1 of Chumble Spuzz! Seriously, right now if you go pledge a dollar you get all that material.  Years of my life, slaving and drawing.  One dollar!  Go now!


As soon as I can I will get the next page done.  I apologize for the delays and the sporadic schedule!



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