Please forgive us for taking a week off, but Kailey needed to take time off to recover from a stomach flu, and with the work she puts in I felt it was well deserved.  The pages from here on out to the end of part one are pretty work intensive from a drawing and coloring standpoint.  Lots of action and detail, and a set back like illness is enough to get us pretty badly off of even our weekly posting schedule, especially since Bearmageddon is not a job for either of us, but just plain fun.  Still, hard work though.

I’ll be buried in Axe Cop again here for the next month, but I’ve managed to get a little bit ahead on Bearmageddon pages so that we shouldn’t miss another Wednesday for a while.  As usual, I’m always impressed with how supportive the readers of this comic are.  I’m always excited to give you a new page.