I really like this page.  I feel good about my art.  The colors.  The lighting.  The bear mole.  The lawnmower.  It’s all just delicious.  I was thinking today while drawing Axe Cop… would I be drawing this if I was not getting paid?  Would this be my labor of love?  Maybe.  But most likely I would not have produced 6 volumes of Axe Cop by the time I got to one volume of Bearmageddon.  This comic is my labor of love, and it’s pages like this that just feel good to produce.  I love being the guy who makes Bearmageddon.

But I still love Axe Cop and am very proud of it as well.  If you are an Axe Cop fan, volume 5 comes out today.  I think it’s one of the best volumes available.  It has a great Foreword by Nick Offerman.   It has up to Ask Axe Cop #100, so there are actually episodes in this book that have not even been posted yet.  It has an Axe Cop wedding photo album and a pretty big sketchbook section.  It also has Axe Cop Gets Married, which is possibly my favorite Axe Cop story (It is so hard to choose).  It’s 160 pages, making it one of the biggest volumes as well.


That’s all for now. Sorry you have to wait another week for the next page, but there is enough detail on these pages, just take it in.  Enjoy it.  Savor it.  See you next week!



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