I did some bear research and read a couple books recounting bear attacks.  In many of the stories, a hunter would shoot the bear multiple times, but the bear would still kill him.   Later, the bear would die, and observers would realize the bear had literally been shot directly in the heart, but that had not stopped it.  It had managed to go on for another 20-30 minutes after its heart had been blown out of its chest.  In other instances, even while firing at a bear, the bear would bite the gun out of the hunter’s hand and bend it, rendering it useless.  I had to take this all into account when writing a story where a group of slackers must face an earth covered in hostile grizzlies.  These are not zombies.  They do not move slow, their flesh is not fragile and juicy.  They are real life monsters.


I recently re-read the entire Bearmageddon archives and I had two realizations.  One, I’m really proud of it.  Two, I never use Dickinson Killdeer’s name in the comic anywhere.  He never introduces himself, Joel and Gogs never use his name…  It feels too far in at this point for him to say “Oh, by the way, my name is…”  so, with some shame, I am going to work it into the old pages.  If you have been reading up to this point you get to see me admit my glaring mistake.


It’s been a crazy week for me.  The Axe Cop TV show was just released.  If you are a fan of my work, please take a moment to give Axe Cop a watch.  The first episode came out Sunday night.  I also just got back from Comic Con, and I realized I really need to publish a first volume of Bearmageddon.  I was going to wait until it was all done, but there is a ton of people who don’t read web comics who would buy a copy if I had one at my booth to sell.  I need to get the uncolored pages colored and find a good end to volume one.  Judging from my pacing this story will probably be in the 300+ pages range, so I think we could easily publish 2-3 volumes, and since it will take so long to complete, the money from the volumes would help me keep at it because I’ve basically been doing it for free this whole time.


Lastly, the bear war print has not been forgotten.  If you want in on it, email me (use the contact link in the menu).  For the uninformed, it is a print I am doing that will feature a crowd of Bearmageddon readers and the main characters all fighting a swarm of mutant bears.  It’s $55 and you get to choose your weapon, your mutant bear, and if you are winning or losing.  We lost the order-form page/code in the site crash, so just email me and we can work it out that way.  I would like to fill a little more space before I start to draw it.

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