Alright, I have been a little off this week.  I celebrated my first ever Father’s Day as a new step father.  We celebrated on Monday because the kids were with their dad on Sunday.  This threw me off, making Monday feel like Sunday.  I forgot to post my Axe Cop comic on Tuesday, so I posted it today.  I felt like I had gotten it all together, but then I realized I had not posted Bearmageddon either!  Sheesh.  Alright, well now I’m caught up.  Sorry to leave you hangin’.


Any more of you want to be part of the Bear Battle Print?  If I need remind you, this is a one of a kind print that will feature you, the readers, in a big group battle with mutant bears.  You pick your weapon and your enemy.  I will start drawing the print soon and posting updates, but I really would like to get a few more slots filled before I do that.


One slot will be filled by Matthew Waranius.  I think his “What happened to Nigel” comic was definitely worthy of first place, so congrats Matt.  You won.  Send me your pic and requests and I’ll add you to the list.


See you next Wednesday if I can manage to remember what day it is.

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