Alright, I did it, I drew another Bearmageddon page this week among everything else.  This spot in the story is veering off from what I had in the script.  My script was pretty rough anyway, and as I have gotten to know the characters, some things have changed.  Plus, in the script this scene was much too similar to the campfire scene earlier, so I had to change it up.  It’s all well and good, it’s just that it is harder to do each new page because to some degree I am making it up as I go along, at least until I get to the next scene I know this is leading up to.


There is still a good amount of space on the bear battle print.  I would like to get some more orders before I start drawing it.  Click the banner on the right side of this page to claim a spot on it.


That’s all for this week.  I’m gearing up for Comic Con and hoping I can keep up with Bearmageddon during that period.  If not, I apologize.  The premier of Axe Cop the TV series is on the horizon and things could get nuts!



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