And we’re back!!

Another hiatus successfully recovered from.  Only thing is we didn’t make it back in color.  I have a feeling that Noah’s life of working in the very demanding video game industry and being part owner of a school of self defense is taking his time up pretty heavily.  We’ll press on in black and white and hope for the best, for now.


If you want to be in the Bear Battle Print, there is still room.  Just click the banner on the right side of this page.  I can’t really start it until enough people sign up for it.


Also, TODAY is the end of my sale at, so if you want any of those items, better go now!


I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con this year and we will have a few Bearmageddon items at the booth.


Also… the Nigel contest was pretty awesome.  I feel like The first one by Matthew Sargent and the last one by Matthew Waranius were my two favorites.  Tell me in the comments which one you think deserves to be the winner and I’ll make a choice by next week.