Apologies for the late post.  I got called into work on the Axe Cop TV show this week for a couple days and that really threw me off.  Those are full days taken up at a time when I am already pretty behind.  Oh well, only a day late and now I’m on break until after May.  Sorry, I know one page a week is bad enough, but it’s time to start clearing my plate.  My wedding is less than a month away and things are getting crazy!


Well, the idea to draw a group bear battle print was met with overwhelming support, so I am going to do it.  The price was almost unanimously $50, so I am going to do it for that amount.  Unfortunately, Mike (aka TechnoBear) is too busy right now to set up a payment page to start taking orders.  So for now, if you want to reserve your print, and your spot on the print, you can do it this way:

1. Go to www.AxeCopWedding.com/registry

2. Keep it set to “Send Axe Cop a Congratulatory Card”

3. click “show/hide” custom order

4. enter $50.00 for Custom package cost  if you are domestic.   If you are international enter $60.00 (an extra $5 will be added on, that will be part of shipping and handling fees)

5. In Additional Information say BEAR BATTLE PRINT.

6. email me your photo and your requested weapon (hand held only please), mutant bear and if you are winning or losing the fight to [email protected]


If you want to pay for a group (your family or you and your spouse for instance) email me about doing a package deal.  If you want to spend extra to include a vehicle, a more complicated weapon, or something else, email me and we will work it out.  I will only be taking 60-75 orders.  The print will be 18×24, it will be a giant battle scene between humans and mutant bears.  Joel, Dickinson and the gang will be centrally featured, and surrounding them will be each person who pays to be on the print fighting a bear.  It will most likely be one or two colors because at this price coloring it will be way too much work for me.  If anyone offers to color it then maybe it will be in color.  By ordering you agree to let me use your visual likeness on this print.  You also agree that the final drawing is my choice (I’m not going to make a bunch of edits at this rate of pay).  Please do not make any sexual or drug-related requests.  If you have ordered a bearicature, but it has not made it into the comic yet, you can put that money towards this if you want to.  Just let me know.


We will put up an order page for this next week, but I will only take a limited amount of orders for this, so if you want to make sure to reserve a spot, this is the best way to do so now through the Axe Cop site.


To be clear, I am doing this to raise money to pay for my wedding/honeymoon.  I will not be able to actually start it until I get back.  Once the comic starts back up in June, I will post regular updates of the print in progress on the blog with each page update.  It will probably take some time to complete because it will be very detailed, but once it is done I will have the prints made up and sent out to everyone who ordered them.  Patience will be required, but you will get your prints!  I will also send everyone a large JPG of the image so you can pick out yourself at a good resolution to show off to friends etc., or use it as a desktop background.


Huge thanks to everyone who buys a spot!  I definitely need the extra financial help with wedding and honeymoon costs.


Also, the “What Happened to Nigel” contest starts next week!  I have already received a couple submissions.  Please send them to me by mid-May if you can.  The sooner the better.  Just come up with some funny crazy alternate-universe ending for what happens to Nigel now that he has taken off in a truck.  Winner gets to be featured on the Bear Battle Print, gets a copy of the print signed, along with some other art and posters I have here, all signed.   It will be a cool package, trust me.






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