Well I had a thought last night as I was working feverishly on the Kickstarter.

I have simultaneously been working on a new online store and a Kickstarter campaign, however I have not launched the store because I didn’t want it to interfere with Kickstarter. But now things have gotten so delayed that the KS campaign would be during the Christmas season and because if timing, none of the rewards could be offered as gifts. Seems like a bad move.

However, if I open my store I can sell new shirts, prints, signed books, sketches and commissions in time for Christmas. Seems like a much better plan. What do you think? My only fear is the longer I wait to Kickstart Bearmageddon, the less chance it has of funding, but what different can a couple months make? Alternately, if the store does well I can put some of the money from it towards book printing as well.

So that’s the decision I am working on and I better decide soon.

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