There has been some interesting “heat” (as they call it in the biz) with Bearmageddon lately. It seems like a lot more people are discovering it as well as some other stuff I shan’t speak of publicly. Fingers crossed.

By the way, I have been considering doing a special Bearmageddon exclusive subscription/member service through my store. NOT a Patreon thing. Like maybe it would be called “Bearmagedd-heads” or the “Bearmofos.” I want your ideas for this.

Here are some thoughts about some of the things it could include:

  • Every 22 pages I email you a nice high-resolution¬†PDF of the pages so it is more like a comic book subscription.
  • I also send a “commentary” PDF with notes on the pages from me about the back story, the art, the making of, etc.
  • Members get an exclusive¬†custom avatar of them being attacked by a bear.
  • a “box” that ships twice a year with exclusive items in it. An original sketch, a print, a custom item such as a wooden coaster, stickers… (what else? ideas?)
  • Members would have access to exclusive content in the store, discounts and more.

Basically, there would be monthly digital benefits and every 6 months a physical box of exclusive stuff. My question for you as a reader is would you have any interest in something like this, what kind of stuff would you like to see in it, and what would your price range be? Just feeling it out right now.

Thanks for reading, and to anyone who weighs in on this.