Welcome to another edition of Bearmageddon. I’m Ethan Nicolle.

I’ve been working on the planning to finally Kickstart a Bearmageddon book. I abandoned the plan previously when Christmas got too close. And now my plans have shifted to make the book bigger. My plan now is to make the book contain everything that was in the original “book 1” (which I released, and discontinued because of the unsustainable pride model of the print-on-demand) plus it will basically reach what would be the ending of a first film. It would feel like a story ending, where I would take it. The book would be around 250 pages. If I did this, I would already have a “sequel” planned so that if the book does well enough to warrant it, I’ll do the next book. But if not, at least I’ll have a complete book and it will be nice, thick and printed well.

I want to thank everyone who has joined my Patreon in the last couple weeks, by the way. We’re getting closer to my first goal of making $1000/month. If that happens, I’ll start releasing two pages of Bearmageddon per week to my Patreon followers only.

I’ve also started to reformat Bearmageddon for Webtoons. It’s a lot of fun to read in this format and I am hoping it brings in some new readers. It’s a great way to read on mobile. I plan to release a chapter per week until we catch up with where we are now here on the site.

I’d love your thoughts and input on all this stuff and am happy to answer any questions. This project has been a real learning experience all along the way. It’s funny, I created Axe Cop to “learn” with so that I could do Bearmageddon right, but it sort of worked out the other way around.

By the way, I’ve been posting to Instagram a lot more lately if you want to see a lot of art in progress. Thanks for reading!