Just to clarify, I don’t actually want fat people to die. I am one, afterall. But as a fat guy I can be honest with myself and know that there would be a lot of situations all the skinny people could escape from and I would just be out of luck because I either couldn’t fit, jump high enough, or climb like those nimble little skinnies can. ย This is the second overweight character to die because they couldn’t fit (Keller died because she couldn’t fit in the small car). So, on that note, goodbye Kess. You were a lovable background character and I hope you enjoyed your tenure here at Bearmageddon.

I want to thank the influx of Bearmageddon support on Patreon after last week’s post. You guys are awesome. I decided to change my goals on Patreon thanks to you. If I reach the $1000/month mark, I’ll start putting out two pages of Bearmageddon per week for Patreon members. They will probably be in black and white, but the story will move faster. With each new goal reached I’ll increase Bearmageddon’s output. So if you want more Bearmageddon at a quicker pace, please join up and share it! Patreon people get bonus content, big product discounts, tutorials, free PDFs of all my work, next week’s page a week early, high res versions of the pages and more.

And I apologize for this being a day late. There was a mix up yesterday with the coloring. Kailey crammed and got this done last night, so I posted it today. Thanks for reading, see you next week!


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