5 seconds.  I estimate that is how long this page takes if it’s a movie.  And you, dear reader, come back for your next 5 seconds as I feed it to you ever so slowly, one drop at a time like Chinese water torture.  This is why you are a great audience and I must say thank you often. I must also thank Kailey who is always at the ready to color a page once I finally finish another one.

Part of it is just these action sequences. I get super picky during these scenes and I pencil and delete and re-pencil and rework these pages until I’m happy with the action.  I want it to feel cinematic, and in a book I think it will.  But read one page at a time it probably feels slow. Or at least choppy. It is like watching a movie on really bad dial up.

If you count the moment Gogs decides to punch that living bear in the face the beginning of this action sequence (and I do), then this action sequence is 29 pages long and it started in October of 2013.  I point this out only to highlight two things.  I like to spend time in action and I take my time drawing it.  Not to mention the busy life I’ve led during that time, but I think if I was working on a less choreographed scene I would not be moving quite as slow. The angles, the backgrounds, the bears… Dickinson poses.  There are days I will sit down and pencil out a page and go nope.  Delete and try again next time.  And the bummer is there won’t be a next time for a while.

But, that is why this comic remains my labor of love. I do it when I can, I do it exactly how I want it and I’m happy that way.  Thanks for your patience, your input and your loyalty.



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