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Now, recently there was a little drama in the comments section.   A commenter posted this response to a scene where Andrea gets bear blood all over her face.


I dislike the way you write female characters. The only two female characters are Andrea and the vegan. I don’t have a problem with not having many female characters, especially if it is a reflection on the setting, but I dislike the way you write Andrea. It seems like every few pages is her being disgusted by something and screaming. I don’t want an action hero, but at least have her add something to the story instead of just being a glutton for punishment who is taunted by that narrative because she can’t adapt to the extreme situation. I hope I’ve quantified my position in a clear manner.


The commenter’s response was reflecting this scene:

Andrea gets bear blood all over her face, and then she unintentionally cleans her face with a rabbit pelt Dickinson recently used to wipe poo off of his hands.  It’s his poo bunny.  In my mind, when I think of any of the females I know, including my own fiance, their response to this situation would be pretty much exactly this.  That is not to say Andrea as a character is exactly like most females I know, but she is like most of them when it comes to getting blood all over her.  I guess it’s a stereotype.  I’ve gotten in trouble before over this issue from the stereotype police, but generalities are not rules, they are generalities.  General by definition means “not in all instances” so yes, I do think in general most women, girls and females would react similarly to this situation.


As for the quality of my writing, well first, I do not claim to be a great writer period.  Second, I definitely don’t claim to be a good writer of female characters.  I admit, I’m figuring a lot of this out as I go along.  But just to have some fun I decided to do some rewrites of this scene taking Andrea in a different, less common direction.

and one more try…

This was so fun I wanted to share the fun and pass it on to you.  Feel free to fill in the bubbles and send me your best lines.  If I like any of them I may post them.

Now, I’m sure the person who criticized my writing is not any happier at this point.  Honestly, most of the comments responding to her were pretty right on with my feelings.  The female characters have not had a lot of time to develop, and in my mind ALL of the characters at this point are kind of annoying except for Dickinson and maybe Joel.  They are stereotypes.  Or at least types.  They are the pampered, entitled college-aged American kids who are used to the biggest ongoing problem in life being the battery life of their iPhone.  In a world where bears are taking over they are just not heroic.  I am telling this story so that some of them will hopefully become heroic, and some of course won’t.  I actually think that is one of the weaknesses I am encountering is that in creating characters that have room to change, maybe they are a little too unlovable.  I think Gogs and Joel are probably the most lovable of the group and they are the least predictable.  Honestly, this is my first time writing a story like this so you really are watching me work out the kinks.


I wanted to learn how to write characters, but I used a story that is more about the action and the comedy to practice it.  I do hope to write stories with strong character development some day, and this is my step in that direction.  I guess you can take it or leave it.  I’m having fun.  Thanks for reading Bearmageddon everybody!  And Advil, Andrea is going to go through some growth, so I hope you’ll stop back by and visit once in a while.







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