Here we are!  I’m always excited to post a new page of this comic.  I’m realizing with every page how ambitious it was to try to take this project on alongside Axe Cop.  Likewise, it’s ambitious of Noah, as well as Johnathan and Matthew to take on coloring it.

A comment on Monday’s guest post was upset with the irregularity of posts.  I understand the frustration, though I think it was based on a misunderstanding.  I think he thought that because a guest post went up, there would be no regular update.  Just to be clear, the official update day is Wednesday.  If we post something on a day other than Wednesday (usually Monday or Friday) it is bonus content just to keep things interesting since updates are only once a week.  If we post a guest episode on a Wednesday that means it’s an off week, but we are hoping not to have one of those for a while.

This is your reminder to buy a commission before the sale ends on November 18th!  I’m going to be throwing in a few goodies with people who buy the higher level commissions.  Signed comics, posters, etc, just to sweeten the deal.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!



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