Another splash page full of bears and background.  These pages make this comic what I want it to be.  They also make my hand hurt and take a lot of time, and that is one reason I haven’t finished the page after this one yet.  Hopefully I can get it done in time for Kailey to color it and stay on schedule.

The other, more prominent reason I have been so busy (as I have mentioned before) is this…

10347422_10152276537623848_441363567269976049_nPlease grant that this is a photo someone took of a screen at an event where they were previewing an episode of this new VeggieTales.  Me and my good friends have been working hard on this show for close to a year now and I’m pretty proud of what we’ve done.  I’m excited for VT to have a new look and we’re working hard to make it a show that is fun for all ages.   I know it’s not Bearmageddon or Axe Cop, but I genuinely enjoy making things for kids, and I also enjoy the license VT affords me to tell simple, moral, Christian stories with as much humor crammed in as possible.  It’s been a real learning experience, but it’s been a blast.  The show releases around Thanksgiving on NetFlix and those involved include my friends Doug TenNapel, Mike Nelson of MST3K as well as Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille as well as the original creators of Veggie Tales Mike Narwocki and Phil Vischer.  I am only repeating info that has been posted elsewhere online here, so for now I don’t know if I can say much more.  I hope you’ll tune in, especially if you have kids!




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