Woo! Thanks to everyone who has jumped on board to support Bearmageddon on Patreon! I have already reached two reward goals, so I have released full PDFs of two of my sketchbooks to anyone who pledges $1 or more! So, right now, if you pledge a dollar, you get two out of print sketchbooks thrown in, containing some of my all time favorite material.

Some people were concerned that if they pledged, they did not want to get stuck in a commitment to give more than they could afford if I suddenly put out a ton of work. First, you can cap your pledge to a monthly limit. But, as things are, I am only posting once a week, if that right now. If this Patreon thing really takes off, I may bump it up, but Kailey would need to be able to keep up as well. So, if you were pledging a dollar per page, you would get charged $4/month max. Included in that is the free books I release when I hit goals, and there is also process blog posts for patrons only showing behind the scenes/process stuff. Also, people who pledge get first in line for answers to questions and advice should you request it.

I also wanted to mention that I have done a little blogging lately over at my Tumblr page.  I have written a few posts about kids, creativity and violence.

Apologies for the late post, but we had a mix-up with Drop Box again and between our schedules I was not able to post it until late tonight.  This will be my official, first Patreon post.  Thanks so much for being a reader of Bearmageddon!

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