Oh man, May is almost gone!  This should be the last Nigel entry.  I got a few others, but I had to prioritize the ones that seemed to put in the most effort, and since I asked for comics, I’m not posting text-only entries that were sent in.  Apologies for the misunderstanding on those.


This week’s entry comes compliments of Matthew Waranius.  This is the longest entry but it is genuinely funny.


I’m going to do my best to have a new page up by next week to get things rolling again.  I was hoping to get ahead during this month but that has not happened.  I would like to get a few pages in the queue so that the colorists have a chance to catch back up as well.


While I’ve got your attention, one my dearest friends, Doug TenNapel is Kickstarting a new stop-motion based video game.  This is going to be a real masterpiece.  If you have ever played Earthworm Jim or the Neverhood, the old team that created those games has come back together to make this amazing new game: Armikrog.  Doing it on Kickstarter makes it possible, because a big studio would generally be terrified to publish a game so ambitiously creative.  Check out the video and throw some money in the pot so we can see this thing get made!


That’s all I’ve got for today.  Thanks for sticking around during my wedding hiatus.  I look forward to getting the ball rolling again.