As I write this, there’s 20 days left until Act 2 begins.  Less than 3 weeks;  We can do this!

Sebastien Ringuette sent in today’s art, it’s excellent for lots of reasons including(but not limited to):

  • This is going to happen.  It was foreshadowed.
  • Betwixt: who knew this could be contracted?
  • A bear skull has been punched out of a bear in the background.
  • Gogs, Gir?  Separated at birth?

Sebastien has a comic called The Aversion Bureau, I enjoyed paging through it and some drawings in the gallery.  I can only hope that Agent Whiskers is part of the storyline, but I’m not there yet.  You should stop by and check it out too!

Join us Monday for the first of a 2-part guest comic.  Have a great weekend everyone!