Today’s guest art was created by Marjorie Rishel.  I didn’t notice it at first, but stuffing and other  “gore” is excellent.  I can’t say for certain but some of the scraps of fabric  seem to be about the right color for Nigel’s shirt and bandana.  He’s the crowd favorite (at least in the comments) for agonizing death by bear so if so: hats off to you, Marjorie.  If not, hats off to you just the same, and thanks for sending in this excellent piece!

Marjorie’s blog and gallery are here:

As luck would have it, she just got her copy of Axe Cop vol. 3 and posted about it, plus a bunch of box turtle photos.

Have an awesome Easter weekend everyone, we’ll return Wednesday with more guest art and continue the countdown to Act Two of Bearmageddon.  If you’d like to see your art posted here, send it along to [email protected] — try to keep it roughly the size of the comic, with a maximum width of 1000px.  If you’re stuck on what to draw, how about drawing a bear astronaut eating space tacos…in space.