Ethan is taking a much needed break from posting Bearmageddon pages!  He hasn’t taken to talking about himself in the third person, he’s asked me (Mike) to take care of posting guest strips for your continued entertainment.   Normally I sit behind the scenes and make things like BEARICATURE payments post to PayPal, but for the next month or so I have one of the most coveted tasks in webcomics today — I get to write the funny hover text for the comics.  Not today though, I have stage fright all of a sudden.

Today’s guest strip is by Greg Cravens.  He’s got a few comics to plug:

Thanks Greg!

If you’ve got a comic, Bearmageddon-related fan art, or a drawing of a Bearadactyl fighting a Sharkadactyl you’d like to see here, send it along to [email protected]  Submissions are going to look best if they’re no wider than 1000px, otherwise I may need to resize them.